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Real Estate Guidance

Hands down, my favorite part of being a real estate broker is listening and talking to folks who are not quite sure what they want to do, or when they want to do it. Owning property can be one of the most satisfying and challenging accomplishments in life. But most people can benefit from an impartial advisor when it comes to the analysis needed to make sound decisions. Your bandwidth is likely to its capacity with your own career and family. Let me do some thinking for you. 

“Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason so few engage in it.”  Henry Ford


Any broker can show you a property, or write an offer on a place you find on your own. But I want to be part of your team from the beginning. Let’s sit down and talk about the dozens of factors at play when buying real estate: schools, commutes, walkability, your goals for the future, dogs, hobbies and restaurants. I have lived or owned property from northeast Portland to the Oregon Coast. If I don’t personally know a particular area, I will spend hours researching it for you. I can build spreadsheets, take you on weekend tours, and buy you a beer when we’ve looked at one home too many. 

I will be a skilled, strong negotiator to craft a winning offer in Portland's competitive  market. I can guide you thru all your inspections and due diligence, order your moving boxes, make the final dump run and make sure your closing is seamless. 


I would love the opportunity to navigate the complexities of selling your property. Any broker can hang a sign, but it’s the investment leading up to the listing that makes the difference. I’m willing to spend months working with you to prepare the property to maximize your financial gain. Together, we will strategize timing, pricing, staging, repairs and marketing. I’ll be there with you every step of the way, from weed whacking to meeting contractors, pet-sitting or interim housing. By the time I hang my sign, I will be your home’s number one cheerleader and advocate.  

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